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St. Petersburg Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Are you at risk of foreclosure?

Searching for a foreclosure defense attorney in St. Petersburg? If your home is being foreclosed on or you are falling behind on mortgage payments, contact the attorneys at our firm to discuss your options. Our firm is dedicated to helping homeowners in the Tampa Bay area save their homes.

Many people are in danger of losing their homes across the country. You have options and you need to protect your rights and your home immediately. Sometimes, a work-out is possible with your lender. Often, however, lenders are swamped with others in a situation similar to yours and do not return calls or answer letters. Bankruptcy halts the foreclosure process immediately, giving you more control of the outcome.

The lender secured an interest in your home when you accepted your loan. Falling behind on mortgage payments causes the lender to foreclose on your property and repossess its interest. Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy stops foreclosure actions immediately. A review of your loan documents will determine what options you have for keeping your home, and possibly reducing your mortgage amount. If you keep the home, your mortgage payments will need to be brought current prior to discharge in bankruptcy. Immediate action is necessary to protect your rights and keep you in your home.

What are my options when facing foreclosure?

  • Bankruptcy
  • Loan Modification
  • Short Sale

Bankruptcy is not your only option to save your home. Refinancing your loan might be possible, or you might want to complete a short sale. However, if you have already been served with a summons to appear or you recently lost your job or suffered an illness, bankruptcy might be the best action to take to immediately stop the foreclosure and keep you in your home. Through bankruptcy, you will have between 3 and 5 years to get caught up on your mortgage.

Why Hire a St. Petersburg Foreclosure Defense Attorney?

Here are the top reasons why you need an experienced lawyer on your side:

  1. Banks and lending agents are not on the consumer's side. We see ads for refinancing and many consumers have filled out hardship packets and loan modification paperwork over and over.
  2. Often, banks keep home owners in a "probationary" status for over a year, advising that they are still looking into the modification and to check back in 90 days.
  3. If the homeowner is late in making a payment the bank will sometimes institute a foreclosure action, without delay.
  4. Once in foreclosure, banks generally offer no assistance. Late fees, attorney fees, broker estimate fees, and on and on, begin accumulating. At this point, the home owner has almost no chance to catch up on payments and clear up the problems with the lender.
  5. Often banks provide a better response when you have an attorney. Sometimes lenders promise certain rate reductions or elimination of fees, but never follow through with keeping those promises. It is possible with an attorney to get these records or "promises" during the foreclosure action, and to get your attorney's fees paid by the lender.
  6. A modification of your existing mortgage might be what is best in your situation. Through the foreclosure action, it might be learned that the lender or plaintiff actually has no legal right to your property, the note, a lien, or any interest. In these cases the foreclosure action would be dismissed and you could recover damages as a result.

Need a lawyer for a foreclosure in St. Petersburg?

We urge you to contact Dion R. Hancock, P.A. today and come in for a free consultation to discuss your options regarding your home.

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